Posted by: rethots | January 29, 2008

He is faithful.

….and the husband said to her (my older sister), dear, go and give that child (a little over 4months old baby) food oh, se you know that is the way she cries when she’s hungry? And like a sheep to the slaughter, she obediently left what she was doing in the kitchen …can imagine her thinking, “Oh, if only the baby had just waited a little while for her to finish what she was doing.”

Opening the door to the room, Fire! fire! she shouted. She went in picked the baby from the bed and passed her to her 10year old niece at the door (believing ’twas her husband) and said, take her outside. The first bucket of water doused the fire and the second was more or less for formality. She went to where the baby was been clamoured, lo and behold, the baby was still sleeping. But, but, ……they all heard the baby cried.

Oops, and it occured to me what He has promised. “My presence will go (be) with you.” ….and in the silent chambers of my mind i whispered not but, shouted, Thank You, Lord.



  1. Am I missin’ sumthing here? Is this the continuation of a story? Ok, I need to go read “The Sought Bride” to find out…Anyways, I join in thanksgiving of the peace the Lord gives us…He is truly faithful…

  2. Wow! Thank God o, shoo, God forbid such!

    Give the baby a kiss for me, lol.

  3. simply put, that was a miracle! Thank God for His saving grace.

  4. wow!!….

  5. whoa!!!!! Thank God for His protection.

  6. na wa!!!…God is good, all the time!!!…very interesting that the husband thought he heard the baby cry and the specificity of the type of cry-one of hunger…wow…

    …i soooo love the way you write…making the mundane rather interesting…and the already interesting, that much more so…

  7. Thank God for His mercies are new every morning indeed! He has promised to be with us in times of need and His words can never be untrue….Bless the lil one and know that He is always watching over His own!

  8. Thank God true true o!!
    His grace is truely sufficient for us!!

  9. Whoa!

    That’s truly awesome…
    He is whoa GOd.

  10. He is indeed faithful. He’s always keeping watch over his own

  11. Thank the good Lord for the miracle of deliverance!

  12. Thank God for the miracle of deliverance!

  13. i am a believer of situations like this ‘cos i know there are various ways GOD speak to us if we can just listen, obedient and observant. Truly, HE is faithful.

  14. he indeed is faithful……thankin him for his mercies as always,

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