Posted by: rethots | January 25, 2008

The Sought Bride

Hello, hey ‘ssup? Please I need you to help send my c.v to xyz bank. My oga, no problem. But, how do I get it? Who’s your oga? I’ll mail it. Hey my oga, ‘ssup? How did it go? You this boy, I said ‘m not your oga. ……thanks, they called me for an interview. Cheers, all the best. Chill, you mean you jumping ship (from consulting to banking)? I need to come to Lagos (from Ibadan) and the pay has to justify the move. How did it go? Not bad, hope to hear from then soon. Ok, ….abc bank is also has openings oh. Ehen, ok, I’ll update my c.v and send it so you can help me drop it. Update, I don’t get? Oh, I just got chartered. Oops, congrats.

But, do you really want cross over (to banking), why don’t you transfer to your Lagos office? Ouch! Hope we ain’t losing another one to ‘em banks. My director here won’t agree. Try another consulting firm now. Ha, consulting firms don’t pay……… Not so anymore oh, you can even try my office we are recruiting. Can you people pay? Well, ‘tis how much you can bargain, moreover, you are now chartered. Se you know that’s the in-thing now, moreover, clients and project mangers are going to start insisting that only chartered(s) work on their projects. How much do you collect? Haba, since you just could join us, let me not limit your bargaining strength but, ‘tis over…. though. Not bad, I’ll try. You probably can bargain better since you are chartered anyway. I hear you.Hey, thanks man…..should be resuming with you guys this year. Cool, welcome on board.

Rethots, problem….. What happened? My former M.D (in our Lagos office) called me and said he wants to see me. Apparently, he says ‘tis only him that can approve my resignation and not my director (in Ibadan). Go, let’s see what he has to say. ……’tis tempting, he said he’s not approving it. Also, he’s offering me my pay now as basic, help me with my accommodation, give me a promotion…….even help my fiancée to get a job where she wants. Hmmm….. tempting it is. What sayest thee? I’ll take it. How you going to do it now? Well, he said my boss is his aburo (younger one) that he’ll talk to him. Hmmm, and you think my boss will say; “Ok, as you wish egbon (older one), abi you don’t know you are ‘hot cake’? That is my problem. So, how are you going to do about it? How I wish he won’t go oh, but then, he’s getting what he would have wanted earlier. With higher pay and a promotion, how can I say he shouldn’t take it? I don’t know oh…… Ok, don’t worry, let’s think about it.



  1. You just succeeded in totally confusing moi!!
    I need to go work come back and analyze this whole post. lol!!

  2. Thats a good offer. If the current boss can top it, then he should and keep him. It could get interesting…hehehe

    LOL@sought bride, shouldn’t that be groom?

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I am so confused….not sure i got the right message, but if what i am thinkin is right….The offer sounds great, i think u shud go for it….

  4. i say he should go for it. the devil he knows is better than the angel he does’t know..

    why do i think “bride” is coded. or am i reading too much into it?

  5. I am confused. Lol.
    If the offer is what u want, then go for it.

  6. i did not get it like the people above me so i guess im not slow from staying up way past my bedtime.

  7. We always expect to find whatever we seek.
    Good thing the story has a good end. I guess he found what he was looking for

  8. now, if i could work his magic and manifest the job i want, i’d be all good too…can you rub some off of him and send to me telepathically?…thanks…i’m standing by waiting…

  9. Now i get it!!
    lol! Sought bride indeed. I am almost boiling over with envy. How i wish we could all be valued like that.
    Do update on what happened sha.

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