Posted by: rethots | January 15, 2008


Whoa! What?  …’m coming. Haha, what’s wrong with you, is that not your mother? Yeah, but…  But, what? I have not seen her in native on a Sunday in a very long while and she’s even looking much more exquisite. Hmmm….sebi you she wears natives on Saturdays (if she’s going for functions)? Yeah, but, ’tis not the same. As in, when you dress to go for functions, ‘tis very much different from when you dress to church. Na you know…..  

Young men, what are you guys up to? Nothing oh.  Not with your mischievous grins. Rethots, you are scooping my wife? No oh, was only admiring my mother. Listen Mr. Man, she’s first and foremost my wife and fairest. Hmm….i go marry oh. But then, even if second, she’s still my mother. Ok guys, let me give you some advices, hope he’s not trying to tell us to go marry oh… Don’t worry, ain’t going to tell you guys to go and marry or help you to choose. The same blood in me flows in you so, I trust your judgment. However, three things you must never compromise in life. Oh yeah? Ki ni yen? (What are they?) Your faith, a good friend(s) and the woman you choose to spend your evening years with. Hmm…. Trust me, never compromise these things. Ok, thank you sir.  

Uhmmm, what are you guys discussing? Men’s talk. Ehen? Anyway, eyin le mo. (‘tis you guys that know). Omo, your dad’s……. Is what? What do you think his grey hair is for?



  1. lol.. your dad is right

  2. *hoping you were taking very good notes*…papa never lie o!!…na truth be that…especially the last one…

    …but the grey hair?…because he won’t compromise his faith…no be so?;)…

  3. na true talk but how come i thot you were a chic?

    abi i am confused? lol

    Happy new year!

  4. Never really thought about it but nothing could be closer to the truth.
    Those three can/will make life so much more bearable

  5. Hmmn, your dad is right. I compromised my faith twice and i still deeply regret it.
    I wish you all the best in choosing somebody to share your evenings with.

  6. three things hmmm..[how come all these things usually come in 3’s]…

    but i totally agree sha…..even though that last one i think is kinda tricky….

    meanwhile i think you should have a tutorial for reading ur blogs!….lol……funny thing though is that once you get the hang of it then it all kind of flows: like learning another language……i now understand English, Igbo and Rethots!!!

    p.s. u mean u are not a girlll!!!!!……lol

  7. awww
    first of all i was like
    uhhhh who is he hitting on
    but yeah it is good to appreciate and it is good for your moms to still be able to make you stop and say Go moms

  8. lol
    naughty little boys!!

  9. Your dad is cool! Stop scoping his wife!

    Great advice!

  10. OMG!!!I was so sure u were female until i read this post. Ur mum must be so hot oh!! and ur dad is a wise man…u better stretch ur ears and listen to the words of the wise….

    Me i dey kanpe..kinda bored here, i wish someone fit find work give me….not that i am jobless oh, i am just feeling too lazy to study at d mo.

    Have a lovely wkd…and abeg sir, some of us no fit read words with small font, show some sympathy for us next time, i beg u, in fact i kneel for ground now…i don’t want to bring forward my appointment with my optician. Thanks in advance….

  11. seconded….your dad is right….rethots, when are we going to put up the article on bad luck?

  12. your pops is too much. lol

  13. nice blog ill be back…great post….lets us not forget about the MLK this weekend

  14. did i know you were scorpio?!…deeply intrigued…a naija scorpio…*ponders for a moment*…explains quite a bit:)…hehe…you are scorpio, right?…

  15. Oya update!!

  16. nice one rethots,how yah being

  17. Great advise from dad. ‘Never compromise these things…’ Yeah, I like that. Thanks for the post comments!

  18. update now!!!

  19. Your Father is so right! The best advice ever!

    Thanks for stopping by love.

  20. First time here…
    Love the way you write. 🙂

  21. the woman we spend our evening years with?… funny.i would have thought you would include -and holidays!

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