Posted by: rethots | January 4, 2008

The little things….


How easy ‘tis for us to take ‘the little’ things for granted, better still we consider them not; so, the issue of taking them for granted arises not. What speaks thee? Appreciating friends……not the conventional thanks et al… I met you through a friend, but, it occurs not to me that whatever ‘relationship’ that exists between you & I would not have been had we not met (through our common friend). Hmmm….i listen.

Casually, you introduced us one to the other…… I offered to walk her, a simply gesture (‘a little’ thing). In our parting, that simply gesture made the difference of today. Come, it couldn’t have taken 15minutes for you to have walked her there now? It can take less to decimate a man without leaving traces. Uhmm

An acquaintance was formed, over time it matured and of course with its mis-understandings ….as well as silence (yet, today it culminated). ‘tis a lie, did she say yes? Tell me now….. Oh, ‘tis not so much for the yea or nay. So what? We talked. You’ve always done that, what makes it peculiar? I said we talked and we talked and we talked…. So? We found not a common ground for now (on quite an important issue) yet still, I walked away happy with me & whispering, hope’s what matters now –a friendship birthed. You never cease to amaze me, but, you guys have been friends since then now? … time understand, you will.

Hey! ore how was it, oops; you should see your smile. Your date must have been good? Nope! ‘twas better. Oya give us gist ….….. db, thanks for today. Hahaa, what of me now? Haba! Chill now; let me do it one after the other. zion, thanks for yesterday. life is complicated…..and long…. Which even makes it beautiful, two dee’s? But then, you should know he’s complex & complicated? Not so…. Ok, let’s say he’s complicatedly simple. Your thots….





  2. Happy new year darl……Have a fantastic year. Will come back to read ur post

  3. 🙂 reminiscing…..

  4. “he’s complicatedly simple” , I think this phrase summarises the write up. It’s really complicatedly simple

  5. some things are complicated beyond expression

  6. Thanks for visiting, Happy new year to you too!

  7. Happy New Year! “Complicatedly simple”…you should copyright that phrase. It is so expressive.

  8. yes, complicately simple is the standout phrase here…aren’t we all, complicatedly simple?…making the simplest things complex and enhancing or reducing the power and importance of the ‘little’ things…

  9. very interesting…..

  10. i find this very interesting…..

  11. Happy New Year Dearie.may God bless us all. this post is very nice.

  12. Touché! I love the term ‘complicatedly simple’
    Have a blessed year girl….God bless!

  13. Still trying to figure it out, no matter what the other ‘geniuses’ say. Happy new year, rethots.

  14. Love the way you wrote this post.

  15. wow, i have been there so oft times. thanks for coming by my blog, i will try not to be so busy… happy new year

  16. your words are like poetry

  17. Life itself is so complicated…I wonder why things can’t be just plain and simple…Well, where will be fun be…espcially for us writers…we won’t have those poetic words to write…
    Happy New Year…thanks for coming by…I almost forgot who you were…don’t mind me…I was only jokin’.
    Have been kind of a buzy bee lately.

  18. ..looks like i’ve been missing out on a lot.

    We overlook or don’t even recognise the ‘little things’ becos we are all so self pre-occuppied.
    Those little things help cushion our world.

    Thanks for touching on this topic… i will try not to miss out on those li’l things.


  19. ………complicatedly simple?!!!……or maybe just simply complicated….[calling spades spades]…..intriguing read!

  20. I like that “complicatedly simple”.
    Me thinks will be using it in the near future. lol

  21. Yes, you are complicatedly simple, even your blog posts seem so straightforward yet so complicated. But, hey, thats why you’re hot!! LOL.

    Have a nice weekend*hug*

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