Posted by: rethots | December 25, 2007

Most Beautiful

Whoa! ‘tis another Christmas,

… a time, to review (the events of) the going year.… a time to be appreciative of friends & all.At the risk of sounding supercilious,  ‘m not a great fan of forwarded mails and text messages. A simple two word (or even one) is of great meaning because, ‘tis personal. Be that as it may, ‘got one of the most beautiful text today and thot to share it with you all; “xmas revives emotive sentiments; appraising the ending year, we remember the special few who made the year memorable and wish them a Merry Christmas & God’s blessings in the New Year.” 

And said one; “Why you send to them you know not?” Ha! O ye of little understand….. you need not see them face to face before you know them. Unlike those we meet in our daily activities (school, work, neighbourhood et al) of which we may not have a choice; with these, we share one thing in common –reading & or writing. For one to consistently come round to read & drop comments on your blog is a matter of choice. So, I tell you, ‘tis not in our seeing that matters but, in the sharing of thots, opinions, experiences, advices… 

So, to you all, should I list your names? I say, for the camaraderie of opinions & thots…. A pleasure it has been, gracias.  

Finally, to The Unquestionable One (Kabiyesi) I say Thank You for mercies…



  1. Awwwwww lovely post, str8 4rm d heart.
    Merry Christmas to you too darling.

  2. Merry christmassssssssssssssssssssssss…love you loads, lovely post though I was looking out for my name…lol…hope you had a nice one…

  3. What a lovely Christmas and end of year post. Merrty Christmas to you too and a wonderful 2008!

  4. aww, nice post.
    A belated Merry xmas to you, God bless!

  5. Oh, i’m totally u on those who send me forwarded messages. gets on my nerves, i tell u. i mean, what does it take to add a few personal words for crying out loud. even ‘tot u might like this’ is a lot better than nothing!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving d shortest comments i’ve ever got!!! & hey, happy holidays!!!

  6. happy holidays:)

  7. nicely written …. thanks for stopping by my blog !!!! happy holidays !!!!!!!!!!

  8. happy holidays rethots! have a good one

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