Posted by: rethots | December 23, 2007


My first thot was, “Good she’d better be guilty not for any personal reasons but, just to hear what daddy’ll say when daughter’s pronounced guilty. Unfortunately, he’ll probably let her face the music, that’s my perception of him anyway” but then, reason overcame unfair desire. And this brings us to the world of pseudonyms.

Even here i can’t see your face. Do you believe that if you understand the words you will know the face when you see it? But then, ’tis not so much the face that matters but, the thots… I believe that if one is keyed into a particularly style of writing, it happens. Or one finds there is something about a person that is very familiar, even without any words being spoken you can identify the person.

So why do we use pseudonyms?

…just out of curiosity, how you know ’twas me? Your writing style… i would know it anywhere, plus changing your blog from thots…. to ..thots still leaves a clue (you didn’t want us to know abi?).

And i always thot pseudonyms are used to hide the person behind the writing (so, others can relate to the writing or thot with a clear mind. In essence, assessing the writing or thot without knowing the author). Apparently, one thing is constant though pseudonym or not, the style (character) changes not.

Be that as it may, ’tis allowed in writing (& blogging, i pressume) but, is it allowed in business? Lawyers in the house, please open your books.



  1. I use pseudonyms to protect my identity. Of course people know the writing style but who knows the real person’s name behind that writing style. That is the question.

  2. Interesting post. Merry Xmas.

  3. thots…. to ..thots!
    Pseudonyms or none, i know when it’s you!
    As to wether it’s acceptable in business, i really can’t say.
    Thanks for stopping by at my space.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. i like this thot very much ‘cos at a time i had looked into it. i believe you in both instances but always remember we are all acting out our part in whatever we do.

    yah, you must stand for something and also people still say stand for so many things. in short fluidity is the word, if you remember Bruce Lee, who said be like water, by this you can take different shapes as the situation demands.

    by this i know people would see and know that all these styles are but one Pseudonyms of yours.

    just seeing this, any way, happy nu yr once again.

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