Posted by: rethots | December 5, 2007

…yeah, 7 weird things about rethots

Shola requested weird facts about rethots. Here they are….

  1. I’m left-handed but, do most chores with my right hand, until I corrected myself and started eating with my left.
  2. Fancy not the idea of using the teeth as a nail cutter. Short of which, i file my nails.
  3. I can’t (hand) write again. Used to have a good writing back then in school but, now only write in block letters. Maybe I need to get a 2d exercise book. However, still write calligraphy (maybe, ’tis because ‘m paid for it).
  4. I dose off most times ‘m watching a film in the cinema.
  5. My sudoku handbook is almost always with me.
  6. I never wore jeans throughout my University days (started sometimes afterwards, when I went to a project site and had to sit on a concrete block).
  7. I give out my pin (atm card) number.

Well, that’s seven…..short of which, I believe “Wars are best won by the silence of words rather than the carnage of action.”





  1. rethots aside the left hand bit ,u sound like a very organised peep,how do u manage to play sudoku,have tried a number of times but dont seem to get it.i tend to play around with it on the bus whenever it looks like some bloke is trying to strike up a conversation i could really do without

  2. …i used to wish i was left handed.

    Give out ur pin to who?? my sis knows mine…

  3. I can imagine how confusing trying to use ur right hand must be…why didnt u just accept it???

    you should see my writing on plain paper…nice but not on a straight line…kinda slants…

    and babes, soduko is a game that beats me hands down no matter how much i learn it…dont know why…

    Accept ke, never fought it. I love this left hand, just that at some point it only made sense that if right-handed people eat with there right hands, then, ’tis only proper for me to use my left hand to eat.

  4. so u can give me too..I mean ur pin? LOL..Same here ma housemate & ma siz got mine..
    and u never wore jeans in colle?? wow! am impressed..I was in jeans practically everyday!
    will do my tag soon

  5. Left handed…also wish i was..just because parents and teachers in naija hate it…

    ..writing…almost thought you’d say you didn’t write again…i type so much that holding a pen feels wierd…

    sudoku…I am so bad i had to ctrl-c ctrl-v the words…

    …no jeans…sounds like you grew up in my church 🙂

  6. I was in jeans a lot but liked girlie cloths…now all i wear is jeans…since the day my office said we could wear jeans, i dont think i’ve worn anything else..

  7. Hehehe.. You corrected yourself to be eating with left? It’s the other way round for most people..and pls go get that 2d exercise book o! Lol

  8. im a total sudoku fan it!

  9. […] yourself? Well, i wasn’t tagged but it turned out quite an interesting read stumbling on …yeah, 7 weird things about rethots and so i thought to look […]

  10. hmmm. u must have done this b4 pple really started out really weird things, right. cos u sound just abt as exciting as a doorbell!!!!

  11. Gave out your pin no? to who? as in WTF!
    my sis was meant to help me pay some money once…I changed it right after giving her! lol…almost passed out when a friend said “aww my card is with my husband”…totally forgot they were my married…as in meen bone! my pin is my pin jo!
    I am left handed as well! was beaten badly for this till my headmistress stepped in!
    sudoku was a crase of mine at some point!(it was horrible!)

  12. you give out your pin? is there any money in the account?

    With the weird facts, I could pretend i know the kind of person you are

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