Posted by: rethots | December 1, 2007

Trudging on…

..just finished reading an article, funny but, not too surprising, i thot of you. You know, though we’ve not communicated in a short while (did i hear you whisper ‘short’?). Wanted to wander back to how we met….. but, However, i remember (always do) those times & moments with you and they seem most unique. You continually enthral me by your power of purpose. Oh, you understand not, you seemed to have had it all but, “not yet”, you said (at least to those who could hear). Your dream, a pharmacist ’twas and that ’twill be (nothing was going to stop you, not even time). Know not how many felt your dream with you but, trudge on you did. How very different you are.

A woman of….



  1. I feel u..Been on that road..

  2. Sometimes you keep trudging on when all around you says no.

    thanks for visiting my blog

  3. i love the way you write!!…reminds me of classics we used to read in high school…quite refreshing…people don’t write like this anymore…

  4. go on, a woman of…??

  5. A woman of ….?

  6. hey rethots i tagged u .

  7. and u leave us hanging

    u seemed to have it all but not yet

    i’m an officially curious

  8. yes…finish the sentence. Come on, you can do it. Don’t leave us hanging. I like this layout.

  9. Why is the remaining part not there yet.. @ re thots, u are officially looking for trouble from Blogville… Its ur official responsibility to inform us or else…

    Haba, not you. If anything, you are in a better position to complete it. So, over to you.

  10. @ pamelastitch, desike, catwalq, kafo, solomonsydelle
    She is to me a woman of intent, even though she didn’t get what she wanted at 1st go, she never forgot her dream. What did she do, simple; she finished the first course & probably considered it as a means to an end. Oh, did i mention that she’s also a woman of virtue. I suspect you’d have guess’d.

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