Posted by: rethots | November 29, 2007

Expressions, Thots & Responses…

…and he said; “When two individuals are attracted to each other, it is no more in their hands to control and they have no other option but to let it play itself.” O yeah, so why you struggling with it?

…she said; “Na wa for you oh. Was about to send you a text (that she’d just given birth). Thanks a lot.” I’ve got efficient informants.

…and he said; “Happy Independence day! Actually remembered because my cousin is getting married today and i am going to miss it. Very pained, anyway, enjoy the day man.” A patriot even though miles away. You really going to miss it?

…and she said; “A nice guy is doing everything to get me and the arch. guy is trying to stage a comeback.” Hmmm…. you have a choice to make. Don’t enter a fix sha.

…and she said; “Thank you so much, i got your text. How’s life treating you? Where do you work now? We have a lotta catching up to do. But, it’s so nice of you to have remembered my day, i’m honoured.” Even if i close my eyes, i probably won’t forget.

…and he said; “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago but, the second best time is now. Please picture twenty years from now, i’ll let you think.”Profound, you better let me think.

…and she asked (seeing a picture of my brother {-3yrs}, my sister {+5yrs} & i); “Are you guys triplets? This is a new one, used to people mixing up my brother & i.

…and they said; “Dear rethots, as you celebrate your birthday on this special day, …bank wishes you a world of happiness and sweet surprises. Have a smashing birthday!” Thanks, but, if you weren’t my banker, would you have wished me anything?

…and he said; “No wahala sir, thanks for the drinks…” Drinks makes a merry heart.

…and she said; “You are a gem.” I blush not.

…and he said; “Thank you.” Two great words.

…and he said; “The race to another end of year…; we look back and say Thank you Lord for the journey this far.”

…and he said; “To her, who for a greater accomplishment forfeits immediate pleasure & job satisfaction, all the best as you return to school. Be good.”

…and he said; “The salt that is seen, is the salt not in use.” I better not be seen.

…and he said; “Dreams are the reasons we endure this much. To imagine it means we can achieve it. Having gone this far, let’s hold on a little while, we can realise our dreams.”



  1. Different people, different lives….

    makes the world interesting…some time we just need to sit back and watch people…and maybe learn a thing or two.

  2. i love people watching & listening! thanx for coming thru & leaving a comment at my spot rethots! my apologies on being slow with returning the luv;-).

  3. Hmmm…..

  4. Hii, the cold comes full force at night, will get medication today,thanks. This post is interesting, lol@i’ve got efficient informants and your reaction to your bankers.You must be a good customer, my banks dont wish happy birthday men, i need to take that up with them, my small change is something Have a lovely lovely weekend, have fun for two…

  5. *laughing*…you amaze me…i like this one: The salt that is seen, is the salt not in use.” I better not be seen….

  6. your philosophy of life is lovely

  7. always, doing it the REThoTs way 🙂

  8. looking at the picture of u and ur siblings, i thot it was u getting married – can u beat that..

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