Posted by: rethots | November 22, 2007

An Epistle of Appreciation

Ha, if ’tis that woman, she can do no wrong as far as ‘r’s’ concerned. Haba, who won’t like an intelligent (& brilliant architect) lecturer? Not me.

Good aftern’n sir (he designed a library for his thesis), i intend to design a library for my thesis and was wonderin’….. Oh, very well, you know i did same (some 20years ago, in this same school). Yeah. So, go get a map of the city and locate all existing public libraries, then, you’ll know where there’s none to locate yours. What? Without my abstract or even my reasons for wanting to design a library? You’ve miss’d it sir.

Good morning ma’am, ‘m working on an Urban Public Library (as a multi-dimensional space) for my thesis, here’s my abstract. Emm… ok, change this, do that blah, blah….. Haha, this woman, without even reading the abstract, from the title she’s already making fecund contributions. Pray tell, how she won’t be loved?

R, “Here is the list of your (classmates) supervisors for your thesis”, goes my caucasian Prof. Ok. Ehen, what? Lailai…. Excuse me sir, i want FO to be my supervisor. But, she’s not (or hardly) around. Never mind, i’ll sort it out. You just put her name as my supervisor.

Here ‘r’, this a revised list for you guys thesis supervisors. R’s internal critic FO. Ehen, the nomenclature ‘supervisor & internal critic’ is irrelevant.

On and on we went with thesis (write up & design) and on and on she stretched my mind, tearing my design apart (structure, massing et al), fine tuning my write up….

Till….. r, don’t tell me you’re going to see FO again, at this rate you won’t be ready for jury oh. (well, she always had something new to add for every visit). ‘m i complaining? Don’t worry won’t let you guys know when next ‘m going to see her. Afterall, what are supervisors for?

Then, the d-day (jury).

Good morning ma’am (you’d always rather your supervisor was present for your jury. At least they know the thot process, and can help you out if you get stuck). How are you, hope you are ready? Yeah. (short of which, was presenting 2nd, a rare occurence in 6years). A liitle while (when no.1 was already presenting), ‘r’, come. Ma’am. I need to get somewhere urgently, but, don’t worry, you are good to go. Oh, my God. Anyway,…. Ok ma’am.

The jury, went on fine till …my caucasian prof asked, What’s the rainfall depth (or something) in Lagos? What the…. Emi ke, simply did as if i didn’t hear (though, a friend whispered it. But, couldn’t read the whisper). Anyway, on my way out after my jury, the external juror called me back and asked, “When are you going to finish your model?” Looking lost that split moment, ehmm, ’tis finished now (abi, please tell me, why should i come for my FINAL jury with any design or model incomplete?). Well, ’tis a schematic model with a presentation finish (sebi, ’tis my work and i’ll determine how i want to present it?). Okay then.

‘m out of this school, till i pass this way again.

The results came out, unfortunately no one got the distinction (70%) that is naturally sought. But, ‘r’ had 65% the highest being 66%.

Pray tell, who won’t like an intelligent (& brilliant architect) lecturer? Short of which, when she came for lectures in those days, not only did she greet us with a test (every time) but, she always had a new information to divulge to us.

A verstile woman she is.



  1. ok honey I am assuming “R” is you and you have passed the thesis big time…congrats love…

    Your assumption is spot-on, however, that incident happened a couple of years.

  2. Congwats !!!!!!! Exams are hell to pass and you came second from the top. Go celebrate jo. I am popping a cyber bottle of Bubbly for you. lol!!

    I pressume you’re popping the bubbly in the past? You sure can send my glass in the present though.
    …happened a couple of years ago.

  3. Is your name R…..??

    Congrats…i get the part where you say how well you passed.LOL.

    I was a little confused in btw…not sure when its you talking, thinking, or the nice lecturer speaking.

    Have a nice day.:)

    @ Omosewa,
    Whoa, ‘m Rethots. Pray tell how you thot it out.
    Really, just expressing the fact that if one’s mastered his trade, he’ll naturally be loved and sought after.
    No wonder, one of my Prof said; “Master a good technique, then, leave yourself to inspiration.”

  4. Congrats, eh! Nice read that was

  5. Wow! Inspiring piece. I got redirected here from your interview with Standtall. okay, plus congrats on the 65. Belated!

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