Posted by: rethots | November 15, 2007

…your consent.

Eleanor (Roosevelt) was very right when she said; “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”



  1. In Eckankar, we have a mantra that goes thus “Nothing can happen to you unless you allow it.”

    What you allow into your space, thoughts, words and actions are what affect you and make you who you are so thus nothing can make you feel less of yourself that what you allow to do so in the first place

  2. yes ho very right,u need to believe in urself ppl always dish out crap to u ,its left for u not to allow it or allow persimist around yah

    @ shola,
    very well said.

  3. Eleanor Roosevelt had the right ideal.

    @ don,
    She had the right ideals; we also can, if we choose.

  4. …but what about the child who’s been told he cannot amount to anything in life? he hears that everyday from irritated parents… how does he move on without letting those words shape his world?

    @ isi,
    come to think of it, you right you know. Never, thot of it that way; anyway, guess it behooves us as friends to continually say those kind (& sincere) words to them. We never realise it, but, those words avail much.

  5. yeah…so true…even with the child told constantly that he won’t amount to anything…still gives the parents power by not amounting to anything…albeit, the power balance started off really skewed…but you also see many children who deny their parents that power and succeed…i think naming might be a case where you may not neccessarily/voluntarily give your consent…but then again…

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