Posted by: rethots | November 13, 2007

Arguements contra Discussions

Never dignify an argument by participating in it (‘cos, ‘tis he with the loudest voice or they with the larger crowd that ‘wins’) rather, promote a discussion by engaging in it (‘cos ‘tis purely an exchange of opinions with the aim of making others see an issue from another perspective).   Rethots



  1. I needed to hear this today esp.
    my boy thinks the same
    but i do love to agrue
    and then i read Proverbs and u guyz r right

  2. I have an addition to this philosophy- “Never argue with the guy holding the microphone. He always has the last word”.

  3. yes, it is always better to ‘sit down’ and talk things over than to engage in squabbles. true words!

  4. hi rethots!

    @ isi,
    ‘m very well thank you.

  5. a very true point indeed!

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