Posted by: rethots | November 12, 2007

…and i smiled.

In my heart, i grieve for him; though, i look him in the eyes, smile and say, we’ll get back to you.

Had to send out tenders for a particular item for one of my current projects… Naturally, there is a default person my office use for this particular works (stainless steel to be precise) but, this person, during the tender negotiation for my last project, was simply arrogant and only offered a 5% discount. ‘had no choice but to use him, since we already agreed in my office to use the same sub-contractors we used on another project. Hence, ’twas not really much of a negotiation ‘cos wether he gave a discount or not he had the job (& ’twas as if he knew). His game. To make matters worse, my Structural Engineer gave me the impression that ha… the guy studied metal engineering bla, bla, bla as if he was the only option. No wahala, bid my time, i will.

So, for this new project, went all out and got 3 other people to also tender. My dear ‘friend’ brought 47m (as usual), the other 3 brought 14m, 12m & 4.5m (what???). During the negotiations, my dear ‘friend’ willingly offered 15% discount as well as say, he didn’t prepare the bill and having gone through it, he thinks ’tis rather on the high side. So, he offered to review it. As such, the 15% discount will be on the reviewed figure and not the 47m (apparently, my Senior Associate who obviously knows i don’t dig my dear ‘friend’ and that i now have worthy options, must have hinted him). I cared less, neither was i impressed and may i whisper, even if he gives 50% discount, he ain’t getting it and if he gives 70%, which makes him competable, well…

Short of which, my dear ‘friend’ is not even the issue here; ’tis the one that brought a 4.5m quote. It scares me, Does he not understand the nature of work & materials we are talking of? All he has as samples of what he’s done before with stainless steel is a swimming pool divider (all the works he has in his brochure are crafted metal). Hell no! can’t in my right mind propose him for this work, can’t stick my neck out either (eventhough, i’d rather not use my dear ‘friend’).

He just left my office now having dropped a letter stating the terms we agreed during negotiations (of which he offered 2% discount on labour). I smiled at him and said we’ll get back to him. But then, will we?

In all sincerity, i think we’ll get him bankrupt if we award him the contract.



  1. lol..what a friend

  2. I think you should advice the 4.5m man underselling himself about the nature of the business he is in after this project is resolved and the contract awarded to a more realistic tender. His apparent ignorance might cost him much more in the future except you help him.

    On the other hand, the 47m fellow is so far removed from the other bids that he must be sharing with someone. Sorry. I’m paranoid.

    You know never really thot of it that way (to advice the 4.5m man not to undersell himself. Thanks. You really think you’re paranoid?

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