Posted by: rethots | October 31, 2007

…ended thus.


Hello, Happy Birthday, ‘m so so sorry. Too much work, it skipped my mind. No probs, haba, i know why you forgot…. You be yeye guy. Come, let me, D & you hang out and celebrate it on saturday. Ok, no wahala. Cinemas….?

Hello, ‘ssup? You remembered? Haba, have you forgotten we’re birthday mates? Oh, oh, oh…. Happy Birthday to you too. So, how’s that you accounting job? You this man, what you thinking about? I’m not an accountant. Sorry, meant architecture. Cool. You nko, how’s work? Work’s fine oh. We should hook up one of these days. Yeah, some saturday…. Do you have a child now? Sorry, ‘m not married now. Who said you have to be married to has a child? My own babe thinks ‘m mad when I made the proposition to her. You never change. Who tell you say me I wan marry. Hmmm…..

Hello! Yeah. Let’s go and watch celebrity takes 2 (he knows i love salsa & want to learn). What time’s it? …just get to my office for 5.30pm and let’s roll. Ok. Hello, where are you? The street behind my office. Where….. oh, look at him. You this guy, you kept me waiting for an hour. Haha, I left my office 5.30pm sharp. What time’s it? Some minutes to 7pm. What? The clock on my system must be wrong. Eyaaa….. (the journey’ll probably take another hour, and the program should start for 6pm. Hope he’ll say we should go some other time. But, no at all. To the venue, he told the taxi). Yeah, I know how it feels. One of my phone’s time was an hour faster than the other one too…. At the venue sha, the show didn’t start till after 9pm (trust African time, pathetic). But, all in all ’twas a beautiful show. I should go and register for my salsa dance classes sha.

Back home the text messages continued:

“Happy Birthday guy. God bless.”

“It’s your day! A brand new day for you, ‘cos today’s blessed only because of you. So, bros, rababa, komole, yahooze as no drum shall be able to contain your blessings. Happy Birthday.”

“Happy Birthday! Sorry, miss’d your call. Just returned from the library. Hope you had a good day? Praying for more fruitful years ahead.”

Hello, ‘ssup? ‘m home. ‘m still on the way. Thanks for the evening. I guess you’d enjoy it, Happy Birthday. Haha. Happy Birthday, ‘ll keep saying it, at least ’tis not midnight yet.

And thus ended a very pleasant day.



  1. Happy birthday love…wishing you all the best

  2. Hope its not to late to say “Happy! Happy!! Birthday to you!!!! 🙂

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Thank you for the support…

  4. you still haven’t told us what you treated urself to.

  5. @ all, many thanks.

    @ afrobabe, …picked the shirt to wear that day, only to start looking for my cuff links….apparently, must have misplaced them somehow. ‘d to wear a botton cuff shirt. Next day during lunch, took a stroll down Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. entered a boutique and bought me a pair of cuff links. ’twas expensive but then, ’twill be used to remember my birthday this this year.

    Short of which, ’tis easier to have a party or small get together for friends (which ‘m not a great fan of) than to treat each set of friends & colleagues separately (which i did).

  6. Happy Birthday in arrears!!~!

    LOL@the yahoozee text!!

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