Posted by: rethots | October 22, 2007

Please now….

Blah, blah, blah….we like the way you’ve been delivering your job in the office… Do you want a car? (what’s your business anyway?) Not a bad idea. Well…., write a letter requesting for a loan (looks at his Senior Associate and goes) sebi we’ve given some people loan before? Yes, yes we did. (ha, you people don miss road, me request for loan) You know, ’twill make you feel appreciated….

Two weeks later, ‘ssup? You didn’t write the letter…. you forgot abi? (me ke, forget? not at all) Ehen, actually, I can’t take a loan based on my present take home. Ehen, why? (see this man oh….). Don’t worry, you just write the letter, we normally do staff review mid year (this was mid July), we’ll make review your take home to conveniently accommodate your loan…. Ok, I’ve heard (at least, I did hear; only I didn’t assure ‘d write anything. Of which, how many bosses chase their staff to collect loans?) Me, letter? lailai.

July, no review, August, no review, (see me see wahala, abi is it by force to collect loan?) September, no review (worry not, i ain’t gonna come remind you. Let me do my professional exams, then,…..),

October, we’ll do your review tomorrow. Ok. So, this’s how we do it….. blah, blah, blah, ….you’ve met our expectation in 65% of criteria and exceeded our expectation in the rest…. But, we’ll like you to start grooming yourself in management perspective…. Come to think about it, you metioned a car sometimes ago (that’s not true, you did and I didn’t take the bait), have you sorted it out? Not yet (don’t you understand that if I want to get a car, I can sort it out?) So, why not write the letter…. (you don’t seem to understand, I’m not desperate. Remember what Margaret Thatcher said; “I can be very patient as long as I get what I want eventually” something like that). Next week we’ll give you your take home review letter. (How very smart, why not now? You sha want me to collect loan, no way).

Off for national service went 4 guys in my office, pronto, came my review letter. Pleasantly surprised, the review practically doubled ’bout 90% increase my previous take home. 

It was actually, beyond my expectation…. and I smiled. 



  1. @omosewa,
    loan ke, lailai.

  2. Congratz on d increase…

  3. hmmn, something worth blogging about! congrats!

  4. Baba won lo ma run down….
    They are seeking a way to have you indebted to them. Awon onigbese iranu…..

  5. First of all


    hahahhahah. don’t take the loan


  6. Congrats on the played it smart on the loan front….na gbese be that.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Typical of the workplace, wanna keep you in slavery. Congrats on the raise
    Way to go

  8. @ all,
    Thanks. apparently, they finally met their match.
    ’tis much more fun ‘cos i luv my work since ‘m practising, especially as quite a number of my contemporaries have move to the banks as ‘bank architects’.

  9. FINALLY!! I find ur blog. lol!!! no mind me, i’m really slow with this internet thing.
    ok, let me go and read.

  10. Imagine, they wan force you collect loan. nonsense people.
    you sharp o…90% increase…congrats…

  11. *raised eyebrow*…wow!!…you’re a smart one…may have to visit this blog more often…*takes out notepad and scribbles down some notes*…congrats on the increase too!!…wow!!!…

  12. congratulations, rethots. Patience is a virtue…

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