Posted by: rethots | September 27, 2007

Guilty or Not

To bring to fruition the client’s dream, I had to visit the site fortnightly (sometimes weekly) for about 8 months. For whatever reason(s) the airline that flies that route choose that period not to fly (‘cos not long after the project was commissioned, they resumed flying the route again) as such, I had to go by road.The car hire that got our patronage charged 30k daily (but, should I pass the night they get 60k). Sometimes along the line, from N65 to N70 fuel pump price was corrected; in responding favorably to this, the car hire fare was adjusted to 40k for customers ‘satisfaction’. Eventually, the project was completed (of which, the contractor exceeded the contract period about 12weeks) and naturally my trips stopped.However, some 2weeks after the project was completed the driver calls and; Oga, you ain’t you traveling again? Abi, did I offend you? No, my project’s finished and you didn’t offend me. (Though, a couple of times he was late and I always expressed my disapproval. On a particular occasion though, had to report him to his boss).Not too long ago, had to make a trip; called the car hire and ok, so, which driver would you rather take you? I’m ok with any of your drivers. Ehen, so, the usual one can take you? Sure. Hmm…., actually, I stopped traveling ‘cos my project was completed. So, it is not that you were dissatisfied with our services? At all. Oh, in that case the usual will get to your place first thing tomorrow morning. Ok, thank you.I stopped traveling ‘cos that project was finished. My madam thot ‘twas because I offended you, infact, she punished me for it. (Eyaa, hope you ain’t expecting me to feel guilty sha?) Well, I suspected and explained to your oga when I called to book for today’s trip that I stopped traveling ‘cos that project was finished. No wonder, she was smiling when she entered our office to inform me you were traveling tomorrow.




  1. hmmmm.not guilty i guess.thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. na wa oooo
    that is Naija for u

    mii likey

  3. Thanx for droppin by mine…
    U got a nice blog

  4. Business must go on project or no project…

  5. Where exactly were you traveling to…and being the true nigerian that I am,could you not arrange for a friend to take you so you split the dough?

    Imagine how many times you had to repeat “The project ended”

  6. @ afrobabe,
    …from Lagos to Ilorin.
    Well, the friend stuff would have been messy as my boss kind of knows the manager of the car hire. You know how they do it, ’tis his own way of giving her work without exactly paying with his own money (since we collect reimbursables from the client)

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