Posted by: rethots | August 12, 2007

Back in School


got back from my Project Site (out of town) naturally went home, a call from an associate in the office interrupted a supposed rest (thot i deserved some after a 4-hour journey which has been on weekly since year start), she says something like, you are on call Saturday & Sunday for the next 3 weeks. (Well, so i thot i heard. Our boss had been out of town for about 4 weeks)

See these people oh! You mean with my workload they still want me in the office during the weekends for the next 4 weeks?

Only to get to the office the following day, & was told, there’s this Project Management course a colleague & i had been registered for (Saturdays & Sundays 9am-6pm) whoa…..

First classes went on fairly well, only the lady instructor thinks i don’t see the essence of Project Managers. But, why?

Well, she asked us, at the onset of the programme what we each individually wanted to have achieved after the programme.

... to know the difference between the architect & the project manager.

What she knew not was that i have a project and the project manager seems not to do anything but, get me to do everything.

Why sacrifice my weekends for the course if i can’t start using the knowledge immediately (at least, will know the extent of my work if my project manager disturbs me again)?

Of which i got an assignment for tomorrow & have not even gone over what was thot last week. Welcome back, to studentry days….


  1. dropped by, rethots. I like the way you write. I guess that’s the same thing as liking your ‘thots’. I’ll be back.

  2. Eiyaaa

    You shall overcome. thanks 4 stopping by my blog

  3. So hope you know the difference now, btw PM and architects? (cos am a soon to be PM!)

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