Posted by: rethots | July 30, 2007

…till now

 …in the same group in school, went ahead to become friends!!! Though, a classmate asked, “what he was still looking for?” never for once thot in that direction. Remembered an incidence, she went to his class, she collected an audio tape and (coincidentally) the only (motion) picture he took in the whole of his years in school (’twas simply a platonic gesture).She finished a year before him (apparently, his course duration was longer than hers) however, not without giving (actually, left it in his studio, ‘cos he wasn’t around) a christmas card and a note;

“came to check you to ask after your health and well being.It’s a pity I couldn’t check you sooner or more frequently. I’m so so sorry. I’ll like to have your addy, email addy, etc you know every-thing essential.Take care of yourself. I hope you are not as busy or as stressed as I am. Whatever happens, may God continue to keep you.Thanks for being my friend.” she dropped her email & phone no. but, somehow they never really got (or kept) in touch…..…………………………………………………………

……till, about some 4 years after by chance (online).                 

The friendship was rekindled and they began to communicate. Then, came the phone call era, and he’d call and on & on, they’d talk for hours (of course, they tried to fill each other up on the interlude) on what they talked, i knowest not. But, it went on for a while….. Then, sometimes he said; when we’re on leave (hoping ‘twould be at the same time) let’s travel together or go to one of my project sites.…didn’t have their leaves at the same time but, when she had hers, she took out time to go with him to one of his project sites….After that, he must have sat down for the first time to say to himself, what is it have i always wanted in a lady? A lady that could match him word for word, thot for thot, sophisticated in her own way, one who doesn’t demand, yet, if given does not refuse. A lady whom when you see, you would pause, and say; “i doff my hat.” Then, it dawned on him she had what he always wanted….he asked her out, and she said; why now? A reply she gave not. She travelled to Ghana (continuation of her leave) the following day. Somewhere in his mind’s i, he hoped it wasn’t too late. They didn’t communicate during her one week holiday though, she called once but, the service wasn’t clear. She did send a mail…  When she came back, they continued, though things weren’t same again. Why? ‘cos he’d asked her out, and she hadn’t replied (not even either of “let me think about it” or “no, let’s just be friends”).   Then, someday they went to watch Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman. Afterward,  they took a stroll and ended in a restaurant, when they came out, not only had they eaten (amala by the way), their friendship status had changed

.….and thus far, one step at a time they tried to make the journey. 

 Her story



  1. Umm…interesting…wish i could get a minute by minute update on this development, sound like the beginning of happily ever after…

  2. Well…

  3. hey rethots, i may not be able to write between the lines but i’ve learnt to read between the lines!!!
    Beautiful outlook.

  4. @ desike,
    you fascinate me.

  5. like I said! this is sooo real! question us I hope it had/has a happy ending! I love happily ever afters! they make my skin glow!

  6. Trying to hint at something bruv?

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