Posted by: rethots | July 24, 2007

…my happiness

…chatting with a colleague and reminiscing abouther past thoughtful writings. Below is one (of which, ’twas written some 10years ago).

My Happiness

Everyday the stars twinkle in the middle of the night. All is quiet and still and in the midst of the peace, beats a little heart. A heart that longs for comfort and happiness, happiness that knows no bound. But, who can give that happiness? Could that person be you? You look so cool, you act so calm, you are always on my mind. Your smile seems to trip me, I love the way you talk. I think you are very special and I think I’ve found that happiness I so much wanted.

Danielle  she’s who’s described as meek & wild. 



  1. Hey…that part you cancelled got me really interested…meek and wild…umm being trying to figure out that combo.

    Just woondering did you write this or was it written to you…would love to here the full gist…

  2. @4mytyme
    …oops, not at all; didn’t write it.
    ’twas written by a colleague in the office
    long ago when she’s in high school (say about 10years ago). Been trying to get her to continue writing but, you now now…

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