Posted by: rethots | March 29, 2007

…meant it not.

…meant it not. Whoa, just finished another (salvo) letter to my Contractor. Only, we inform each other to be expectant of these salvos. I threw the first salvo, wrote the letter , my boss saw it and said, you are too soft. He changed one or two phrases and he said; “when they get it, they are gonna call him to ask, Who is that guy?”.

He called me when he got the letter and, haba, I just received your (bormbardment) letter, and I’m gonna have to reply. Feel free, I replied.

 When I got his response, I needed not any prompting to reply in same manner. Of course, I’ll prompt him to expect another salvo.

Bottomline, our letters are simply professional and not personal in any regards.



  1. hi, my first time on your blog , there is something about your style……

  2. think u got a better lesson earlier enough in an official world where what brought people together is strictly business, after which friendship can come in if the atmosphere permit.

    many people do underestimate the greed of their partner in business and by so doing, atimes they pay for it. for record purposes always make your position very clear, who knows you might needs it in future.

  3. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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