Posted by: rethots | March 8, 2007

…while it lasted.


“When thotstimi existed? you mean you got tired of blogging? or of the thotstimi concept?? or you’re thinking of something better??? I feel you had a unique style of writing (same here) and i enjoyed reading ur posts each time i had the time.”

“…I just checked your blog but, says it has been deleted. I hope all is well?”

“You and this style of writing sha!Thanks for stopping by. Thotstimi’s still not back! and who’s hosting you as a guest blogger??”

“What happened to your blog?”


I’m ecstatic (better still honoured) …thot to reply but … Closed my eyes, guess what I saw? Mama’s bookcase (when I was much younger).She’d all those books -science fiction, biographies, wars, gardening & novels of course.She’s a voracious reader, should you get stuck writing (letters, essays…) to your rescue she’s always willing. Or peradventure you needed the meaning of a word, a walking lexicon she is.So, anytime I get any compliment, I say; “Hail to Mama”. Apparently, Ayi Kwei Armah was wrong when he titled one of his books as, “The beautiful ones are not yet born”; ’twas one that birthed me.










  1. no wonder u realize women deserve some honour!
    Yeah, u and this ur style of writing sha!!
    Looking forward to more.

  2. …oh, that women
    would realise.

  3. Welcome back!!
    Missed your style…

  4. Hi…welcome back…from…YIKS! got no idea…that was what everyone seems to be saying…KAA BO

  5. awww! The reference to the author would definitely make her smile.

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